Ways in which bettering your social skills will improve your life.

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We spend a significant proportion of our lives at work. If you work between 9am to 6pm five days a week, you’ll spend over one third of your life at work.

Take 20 seconds now to think of what factors make your day at work a happy or sad day?Then scroll down.

What did you come up with?  Was it stuff related to how good you were at your job?  Or was it how well you got on with the other people you work with and how much fun you had?  I want you to tell me in the comments below.

You might tell me it’s a combination of the two, but I bet the first thing you thought of was how well your interactions with co-workers, clients and your bosses go…right?

You happiness at work is hugely affected by the quality of your interactions and your success may be closely related to this as well.  If you work with people you really don’t get on with, you won’t have a good time at work no matter how fun or interesting the actual work is.  Conversely, if you have a really mundane job but if you’re having a good time with colleagues whose company you enjoy, then you’ll have a good time.  You may not have job satisfaction, but that’s a different matter.  (Ideally obviously, you want both).

In my blog I’m going to talk about techniques you can use to make sure your relationships with your colleagues and bosses are close and friendly.  I’m going to describe ways to maximise your value in the eyes of those you work with.  This will transform not only how happy you feel at work, but also how successful you could be.  After all, it should come as no surprise for me to tell you that your chances of getting a job or getting promoted lie with more than just your ability to do your job well.


There aren’t many areas in which social skills are more central to success than in relationships.  Your ability to develop and maintain close connections with girls or guys you are interested in rests almost entirely with the way you present yourself, interact and demonstrate your personality.  By this I’m talking confidence, charisma, humour, being comfortable in your own skin and the ability to form rapport.  Your looks may play a part but the importance of this is usually exaggerated in the minds of most people as a factor for why they don’t achieve the level of success they want in relationships.  If you’re not achieving in this area, the problem will be with your social abilities and NOT with your looks, your financial situation or your job.  Now, this is important.  If you try to APPEAR confident, charismatic or funny (i.e try to fake it), you may get away with it for a while, but your small gestures, vocal tonality and micro expressions will give the game away.  So I’m NOT going to teach you how to APPEAR fearless or charismatic, I’m going to teach you to BE IT.  The beauty of this is, thatonce you feel it in your bones, you will exude it in your demeanour and your voice.  We will go through exercises and techniques that will seriously shift your abilities in this area.  I’m not a dating or relationship expert, but I did find that when I improved my social abilities, I experienced much more success in this area of my life and I want to share with you the things that helped me do that.

Social Circle

This category may seem like an obvious area to talk about.  Specifically though, I’d like to tell you just how far you can take things when you really master your skills.  Having the ability to create multiple awesome social circles, means you’ll never be stuck on a friday/saturday night with nothing to do.  You’ll have a list of options to choose from and as you can only be in one place, you’ll be the guy or girl in demand.  Of course, you can choose to do nothing and chill at home with a movie, but the point is it will be YOUR CHOICE.  And that’s what this whole site is about….giving you the option to CHOOSE how you live your life.  Having a great network of friends is awesome, especially when life gets tough, it’s helpful to have a supportive and reliable bunch of mates there to pick you up.

Confidence and Self Esteem

This is the last but most important topic I want to talk about.  Improving your social abilities will do wonders for your sense of self worth and centeredness.  You’ll grow in confidence, feel comfortable just being yourself in front of others and develop your own charm (or charisma).  You’ll see the world differently.  You won’t be scared of being made to feel a certain way by certain situations or getting upset by other people.  You won’t care what other people think of you and your happiness and sense of self worth will come from within yourself rather than being influenced by your environment and those around you.  Some people may dislike you and some people will love you, but you’ll be indifferent to their opinions.  Your state of mind will be depend entirely on your opinion of yourself and not on anyone else.   Imagine going through life being completely carefree about what people think of you.  You’ll feel pretty liberated to do and be whatever you want.  You’ll finally just be able to BE YOURSELF.  This is why I call living with authenticity, because you’ll finally feel free to let your inner thoughts, opinions and personality shine through without fear of judgement.  This is where the magic begins because the effect that you have on other people when you’re in this state is pretty powerful. I call this charm, because to other people it feels like they’ve fallen under your spell.   If this sounds too esoteric or philosophical for you and you don’t believe me, just think about your own life experiences.  I’m sure there’ll be at least one person who you behave differently around because you want them to like you…THATS CHARM….and that’s what I aim to help you acquire.

Hopefully that makes some sense to you.  Everything I’ve stated is stuff both others and myself have experienced, not just some random wishy washy new age bullshit that i think sounds good.

In my blog I’m going to talk about practical, actionable steps on how to quickly and efficiently improve your social skills.  This stuff does not have to take long to learn, but it does require commitment to yourself.  You have to be 100% willing to want to improve this area of your life.  You’ve got to be willing to do what it takes to get this sorted and become a master in your personal interactions.  If you’re ready to take the plunge and dedicate yourself to transforming your social skills and by extension your life, go on my next blog.

To keep in touch with my blog and new free stuff, sign up to my mailing list here on my homepage and scroll to the bottom.

See you soon!


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